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Buzly.com is a video site as you can see, but it's different from the others (youtube.com, metacafe.com & etc.) It do not hosts the videos, it unites all of them. Buzly collects video clips from the biggest video sites in the world. The users also are able to add any video that they want by a single click on the "Add To Buzly" button.
Buzly.com is fresh, dynamic Web 2.0 site. It's user friendly and simple to use. It has unique rating system, it's called "Buz It". If you click Buz it, you give that video a Buz. If the video gets more buzes it means it's cool and the users liked it. "Buz", like a world does not mean anything. We invent it :)
Users can save the videos they like in their private section called "My Favorites". For different actions (add video, buz video, comment) the users get points and appear in our Top Users List.
The users can search and browse by categories and tags thousands great videos from all over the world. Also they can make friends, comment videos and most of all... Have Fun :)

Key Features:

  • Watch videos added by other buzly users.
  • Save videos with our "Add To Buzly" button.
  • Import videos from Youtube & Metacafe.
  • Meet new people.
  • Add embeded videos to your blog or website.
  • Subscribe to our RSS Feeds.
  • Have fun :)

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